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A ‘tea-rific’ experience - Aug 24
2014 - Features
Sunday, 24 August 2014 23:42
Sharonada Jackson with a tea tray.
Sharonada Jackson with a tea tray.

Writer Lara Pickford-Gordon shares on a ‘tea-rific’ experience she had on Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.

Do you know that there’s a cozy little tea house in the capital city?

It’s The Abercrombie, located at 98 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, and is managed by the Sisters of St Joseph of Cluny (SJC).

With an overcast sky and rain, August 7 was a good day for a cup of tea. Coincidentally, Associate Editor Raymond Syms and I had arranged an interview for that day to find out more about the tea house, which has been open since May 10, 2013.

The front door to the establishment is set back from the pavement so the hurried pedestrian can easily pass it by, even though there is a sign overhead and a noticeboard on the wall welcoming visitors to partake of “a relaxing, enjoyable, delightful and comforting experience”.

“We see it as offering a service,” said SJC Provincial Superior Sr Annetta Alexander.

However, the initiative was driven by a reality facing the Cluny Sisters – aged members and mounting medical costs.

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Africa comes to Erin - Aug 24
2014 - Features
Sunday, 24 August 2014 23:34

Nigeria-born Fr Pax Jey-Sharwan VC helped bring a taste of Africa to the parishes of Siparia/Erin.

August 5, 2013 was touchdown for me in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain. In my first few meetings with the people of Trinidad we had discussions about many things in human life, things which cross national boundaries. One of the most important things that came up was food. I remember Fr Martin Sirju asking me if I could cook and I stood there, in deep philosophical thought, pondering if being able to cook in Nigeria meant one could also cook in Trinidad. My answer was logical and in context: “No”.

A procession for peace - Aug 24
2014 - News
Sunday, 24 August 2014 23:14

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli was among the many who participated in a Marian procession around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain on August 15 to pray for peace in Trinidad and Tobago and the world.

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Celibacy – radical openness to deeper intimacy - Aug 24
2014 - News
Sunday, 24 August 2014 23:11

Marriage and celibacy both bear witness to a deeper communion with God, according to Fr Clyde Harvey.

On celibacy in particular, the Vicar for Clergy said this was a “human reality that human beings have tried to live through the ages”. As a consequence, he added, celibacy was not to be viewed only as a Catholic phenomenon.

Celebrating El Salvador’s patron saint - Aug 24
2014 - News
Sunday, 24 August 2014 23:17

The Spanish-speaking Catholic community in Trinidad and Tobago joined in the celebration of Mass on August 17 to honour “Divino Salvador del Mundo” (“Divine Saviour of the World”), the patron saint of El Salvador.

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