Learn to Play Win to Nil in Sportsbook Betting

It is almost impossible for them to come from behind and finally win against the big team. For example, you can choose the game between Real Madrid vs Espanyol where Espanyol loses by 3 goals to nil or 3-0. The bookmaker may have the bug odds about 1000/1 of Espanyol to come from behind and they can win the game. If you want to choose another alternative in betting for sports especially soccer, then you can choose Win to Nil bet so you can get another challenge here.

This bet is very tricky and also so strictly so you need to pay attention to the detail more. In this betting type, the player will place the bet on the team they believe to win the match without even allowing other team to make just a single goal during 90 minutes of the game duration. It means, you need to make sure that the opponent will remain nil or zero in points with no goal at all. This betting type will include the injury time but extra time and also the penalty shootouts are excluded all.

It means, the score you need to win is starting from 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 and more. If the opponent can make a goal even one, then you lose the bet. It means the game must be ended by clean sweep for one team only. Though it seems simple and easy, it is hard to predict the score of the match instead of predicting who will win the game. This bet is quite good since you can get the decent odds. You need to read the sources about it before placing your own bet and know the history of one team especially to know the result of every match.

The score is not new at all since the scores related to zero are commonly happened in the match. However, when you play it through the betting online, it can be another challenge for you because it is hard to know what will happen in the end of the match. You just need to choose the right betting type you want whether you want to choose Win from Behind or perhaps Win to Nil. Those bets are fun and you will enjoy gambling on football after it.